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GreenLadyC's story

Updated Thursday, 28th January 2010

Explore the personal side of climate change with GreenLadyC's diary entry.

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Name: GreenLadyC
Organisation: Greening the Beige
Role: Founder & Director

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

I became active in environmental issues in China at the beginning of 2007. I was working on an interactive, cross-cultural, art installation that required the collection and use of 2,500 used plastic bags in Beijing. The project was called "Refoliation" and was initially inspired by the global problem of "white pollution". The installation premiered at the 2007 Burning Man festival focused on all things "green" and aptly titled "The Green Man" (more info at

What are you working on, concerned by, or motivated by at the moment?

Since 2007 Greening the Beige has focused on developing an annual event platform and online community of "green" Beijingers. The focus of the project is to inspire all of our members to create a "greener" Beijing.

We concentrate on promoting environmental awareness and education through art and community, through operating our public open-information source website ( and hosting our annual event in Beijing, for all those to enjoy.

What do you anticipate working on, or thinking about, in relation to environmental issues over the next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

Greening the Beige (GtB) will continue to serve as an online information and resource "hub" for both the local and global community in the years ahead. GtB will also keep hosting its annual event as long as it receives the steady rate of local interest it's had since kicking off its 1st event in May 2007.

How optimistic or pessimistic are you as you look at where we might be in 2020, and why?

For the most part, Greening the Beige prefers to look at the glass HALF FULL. After all, it is very difficult to problem-solve with a negative attitude. So we like to focus on the bright side, and stay open to what's possible rather than what's "impossible".

The ticking clock for the terms made at the COP15 are indeed alarming...

However, Greening the Beige feels very hopeful at the moment, given China's renewable energy strides over the last decade + the recent news of all that's included in the P.R.C.'s next 5 year plan...

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