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Health Check: Alzheimer’s Disease - Is it all bad news?

Updated Thursday, 24th February 2011

The first programme in the Health Check series explores research into how people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their families can be helped.

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The incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease is rising all over the world as the population ages. As there are no effective long-term medical treatments, there is now much work to find other ways to improve the lives of the people with the disease. In this programme, the Health Check team features some of these projects based in the UK, including the Dementia house that has been designed at University of Stirling, and a singing workshop in Kent.

Also featured is a report from Goa, where one of the first projects in India to train people to work with dementia has just started. Discover how Alzheimer’s Disease is viewed in India, by the public and by the medical profession. The team survey other parts of the world, from East Asia to South America, to gain a picture of how different countries are approaching this global problem.  





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