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Choose Health: Managing long-term conditions

Updated Monday 26th November 2012

Long-term medical problems can change your life - but you have control. Could you balance your work and social life with medication regimes? Would you be able to advise a friend?

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  Launch Choose Health 1200 Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Montage by The Open University How well could you cope with a long-term condition? Will you Choose Health? 1200

About Choose Health

In this activity, you'll meet people with three conditions that shape - but don't have to rule their lives.

You'll have the opportunity to explore these conditions from a number of perspectives...

What would your advice be as a friend or carer?

What choices would you make as an 'expert' patient?

If you were in the role of a medical practitioner, how would you guide someone?

Choose a condition, choose a role to play - and then follow through the stories.

At the end, you'll get feedback telling you how you did.

Some choices might be easier than others - and some you face might have no soft option.





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