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How Bad Is Fat: Weblinks

Updated Tuesday, 8th August 2006
Find out more about fat and nutrition with our weblinks and suggested reading

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Cooking oil BOOKS
Needless to say, there are a million and one books available on the subject of fat as it relates to one’s love handles/waistline/wobbly bum. If dieting - and general healthy eating - is your interest, you will have no shortage of choice!


However, if you’re looking for books about fat which concentrate more on the science and nutrition involved, check out the following:

... for highly readable information on the main roles that fat plays in the body:

The Fats of Life
- Caroline Pond.
Published by Cambridge University Press.

... for general information about fat and nutrition:

Good Fats Bad Fats
- Rosemary Stanton
Published by Allen & Unwin

Food and Nutrition: School Edition
- Anita Tull
Published by Oxford University Press


... for general information and UK government guidelines on what we should be eating, try the British Nutrition Foundation

... for more on the workings of fat molecules and how they relate to the rest of our diet take a look at 'How stuff works'

... for diverse articles on food, including features on fat-reduced foods and the appeal of the chocolate chunk have a look at Institute of Food Research:


Studying science with the OU




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