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HIV & Aids helplines

Updated Tuesday, 8th August 2006

More information about the helplines providing support and advice on HIV AIDS and sexual health.

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Blood, sex and death graffito Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team If the programme or website has left you worried, and you would like to contact someone to talk about issues related to HIV AIDS, the following organisations may be able to help you:

The Terence Higgins Trust
The Trust offers a helpline providing information, advice and support.

Sexual Health and AIDS helpline
An advice, information and support service for HIV AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

Positively Women
A service aimed at, and run by, HIV+ women, offering a helpline service, details of which can be found on their contacts page.

And don't forget, for all medical enquiries, the NHS offers NHS Direct in England and Wales and NHS 24 in Scotland.

The BBC and the Open University are not responsible for the content of external websites. Please be aware that some of the sites linked to above deal frankly with sexual matters, with terms and images some people may find offensive.





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