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NHS Experts' Q&A

Updated Wednesday, 7th June 2006

We asked the NHS workers featured in the programme a series of questions about the areas in which they work. From paediatric nurse to paramedic, we get the answers first hand from those working on the front line. What are their day-to-day experiences? What are the rewards and frustrations in working in the field they have chosen? Discover what the people behind the treatment really think

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The midwife - pregnancy and childbirth

The consultant - children in hospital

The paramedic - ambulance services and heart attacks

The surgeon - aneurysm

The porter and cleaner - careers in the NHS/modernisation of the NHS

The sister - looking after the elderly

The health visitor - MMR vaccine/back pain

The general practitioner - role of the GP/cataracts

The A&E nurse - working in A&E







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