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Podcast & downloads menu: Ever Wondered About Food? Series 4

Updated Tuesday, 5th September 2006

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Paul Merrett and David Shuker Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC

To mark the fourth series of Ever Wondered About Food, we've recorded a series of exclusive interviews which you can listen to via a podcast (what's a podcast?).

In the podcast Paul chats with David Shuker, Open University science advisor to the series, about food and the science of cooking. A new episode will be released each week, until all six are available.

To subscribe to the free podcast, type, or copy and paste, the following URL into your podcast software:




If you have iTunes it's easier to click on this link: subscribe to podcast in iTunes.

The software will automatically download the most recent episode and download more as they're released. It will list the other available episodes and give you the option to download them. As new episodes are released, your software will automatically download them.

If you don't want to subscribe to the podcast, you can listen to the episodes using the links given below.

Ever Wondered About... Rice?

Paul and David discuss why rice is such an important dietary staple worldwide and the issue of genetic modification.
Listen to the rice episode

Ever Wondered About... Fish?

Paul and David talk about the ecological impact of fishing, and weigh up the health benefits of eating fish.
Listen to the fish episode

Ever Wondered About... Sugar?

What’s the secret behind the magic of sweet and sour? How does sugar bend the laws of physics, and what is it that draws us to the sweet stuff?
Listen to the sugar episode

Ever Wondered About... Nuts?

Paul and David discuss the science behind taste and smell and why nut allergies are such a problem.
Listen to the nuts episode

Ever Wondered About... Sausages?

Paul and David explain the importance of cooking meat properly, and getting the right type of fats in your diet.
Listen to the sausages episode

Ever Wondered About... Berries?

Paul and David discuss different raising agents used in baking and the chemistry behind them.
Listen to the berries episode





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