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How we've been keeping Britain alive

Updated Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

Follow the game-changing events in four different areas of healthcare provision in the United Kingdom.  

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Explore the key events that transformed healthcare services in four areas: Mental health, Reproductive health, Screening and Palliative care. 

Transforming healthcare services

Select from the images below to explore the key events that transformed healthcare services.

Trace the range of innovations that have impacted on reproductive health care over the last few decades. Copyright Gigi1807 | The world of mental health has seen many changes over the years. Here you will explore some of the milestones in the treatment of ‘madness’. Copyright Malexeum | Follow end-of-life care from the position of death as a failure, to the revolution of person-centred decision making, and on to the hospice movement. Copyright Mgd | Discover the modern scientific and technological developments that make it possible to screen for a wide range of health problems in the NHS today. Copyright Vesna Njagulj |
Copyright Background: Mathom |

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This feature was created to support the new BBC Two series Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day.

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