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Testing the Best: Quiz

Updated Thursday, 8th September 2005

Test your knowledge on drugs in sport

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1. Is caffeine a restricted substance in sport?


2. What is "nandrolone"?


3. Which of the following is a "narcotic" substance?


4. Which of the following illegal substances are commonly used to achieve rapid weight loss before weigh-ins?


5. Why do some athletes train at high altitude before a competition?


6. In which year did the International Olympic Committee set up its Medical Commission to try and prevent drugs misuse in the Games?


7. Although later cleared, Diane Modahl was accused of substance abuse when an excess of which substance was found in her urine sample?


8. What is meant by "masking" in the context of drugs in sport?


9. What bodily substance is currently the standard fluid tested by drugs officials in sport?


10. At which Olympic Games was Ben Johnson tested positive for the steroid stanozolol?


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