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Testing the best: Weblinks

Updated Tuesday, 8th August 2006

Find out more about drug testing in sport with our weblinks and suggested reading.

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Diana Modahl


... about the drugs, how they work, why they’re taken and the processes and politics of drug testing:
Drugs in Sport’ - D.R. Mottram & Sally Gunnell
Published by Spon Press

... about why athletes take drugs despite the physical and professional risks - and what can be done to try and stop them from making these choices:
Drug Abuse in Sport’ - Craig Donnellan (Editor)
Published by Independence Educational Publishers

... about which drugs are being used, who’s using them - and startling claims that professional bodies have been known to cover up positive test results:
Drugs, Sport, and Politics’ - Robert Voy & Kirk D. Deeter
Published by Human Kinetics

... about the importance of sport through the ages, and the recent rise and rise of substance abuse by athletes:
Doping in Sport’ - Barrie Houlihan, Council of Europe
Published by the Council of Europe

... about everything you ever wanted to know about steroids and how they affect both body and brain ...
Anabolic Steroids in Sport and Exercise’ - Charles E. Yesalis (Editor)
Published by Human Kinetics

... and if you’re an athlete or a coach, UKSport have a number of publications available - some free, others not - which should answer any questions you have, so check out their website

UKSport’s Homepage - which covers everything in UK sport and has a searchable database:
UK Sport

To read more about the International Olympic Committee’s strategy against drug-taking:
IOC Medical Commission

And just for some general information about drugs, try this site:
Indiana Prevention Resource Center

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