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Author: Justin King
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How does over a century of heritage influence a modern brand?

Updated Monday, 6th December 2010
140 years of trading - what does that history means to a brand like Sainsbury's? Justin King explains.

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Much of what we’ve done with Sainsbury’s over the last five years in reenergising this business has been quite back to the future. We’ve reached back to our core skills, our core values, the things that customers told us, and our colleagues - those that work in Sainsbury’s - told us, made Sainsbury’s a very special and different business, and we’ve bought them up to date.

So the changes that we’ve made in recent years to developing Fair Trade, to our leadership position on RSPCA freedom food meat and suchlike absolutely hark back to Sainsbury’s 140 year heritage of being a business that was actually founded on corporate responsibility principles.

Not principles we’d recognise today, because the principle in 1869 was selling food that hadn’t been adulterated and wasn’t likely to poison you. But that was a pretty important principle to have in 1869 and we’re just bringing that up to date with the concerns that consumers have today.

Justin King on the Sainsbury's brand


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