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Leslie Budd on... pretty packaging

Updated Thursday, 11th November 2010

Leslie asks whether packaging is more important than the product for some brands

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Leslie Budd

There is a scene in the film Repo Man in a supermarket in which all the goods are labelled and packaged simply as beer or beans or cornflakes.  Perhaps many companies could learn something from this film, because it often seems that the packaging is more important than the product.  It’s a bit like the Russian doll.  Each succeeding layer gets smaller until the final tiny doll is revealed.  You could be forgiven for thinking that you need a chainsaw to access your purchase below the packaging.  It could be argued you need robust packaging for some goods, but not all.  Packaging is the visual and tactile sense of a product you get after purchase.  It’s also an important part of marketing and branding.  For those companies which stress packaging rather than product, they may have to repackage themselves in the face of a declining market.  That’s my view, you can join the debate with the Open University.







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