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OU on the BBC: The Big Question - Meet Emma Joseph

Updated Monday, 29th March 2004

Meet Emma Joseph, presenter of The Big Question on BBC World Service.

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Emma Joseph, presenter of the Big Question

Emma Joseph first joined the BBC in 1995, working as a freelance researcher in local radio. Quickly building a reputation on programmes exploring the lives of Londoners, she moved on to file reports from around the world for BBC Radio 4 and Five Live.

Most recently, she returned to her native Caribbean for a special series for BBC News on HIV and Aids, and for the last couple of years has been working behind the scenes producing and editing news for the BBC World Service.

In a varied career, she's met up with the descendents of the original Buffalo Soldiers, presented for the BBC Caribbean Service and covered the Trinidad Carnival.

She describes The Big Question as "educational, funny, thought provoking and informal" and says her ideal guest would be "someone with the ability to change the way you think."

You can join Emma to explore the Big Question on the BBC World Service.





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