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OU on the BBC: Ever Wondered...? - Art

Updated Tuesday, 8th August 2006

There's so much to wonder about in the world of art.

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Inspiration comes from many places, but in terms of greatest influence, nothing can compete with the world about us. Diarmuid Gavin asks how does nature inspire the work of great artists?

What do the faces artists choose to present to us reveal? Matthew Collings considers what self-portraits really tell us.

Jenny Agutter travels to the Duchy and meets some of its residents in a bid to discover why Cornwall inspires so many artists.

The mall has a tradition of pinching ideas from the gallery, but Caryn Franklin discovers that it's not just a short-term infatuation as she investigates high art on the high street - just a passing fad?

Art historians are convinced that he used a camera obscura in the production of some of his work - was he a cheating Vermeer?

First broadcast: Saturday 29 Apr 2000 on BBC TWO





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