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OU on the BBC: History Detectives - About The Series

Updated Tuesday 4th September 2007

Introducing the History Detectives series...

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Each week on The History Detectives, we investigate two fascinating stories that viewers bring us.

Each story starts with an object, its owner, and a question they want answered. What is it? How did it get into my family? Is it what I think it is?

The viewers provide the questions; the History Detectives provide the answers, using a full range of historical research techniques to explore both the immediate story of the items and their broader historical context.

The investigation of each piece is a rigorous exploration of the true story behind the object. The Team use a full range of forensic tests and investigative techniques – archaeology, genealogical research, public archives and private libraries – and they consult the best experts in the land.

Our expert Detectives scrape away the dirt and pull back the cobwebs from treasured heirlooms and documents, from photographs and folklore, to unlock extraordinary stories. 

History Detectives in more depth:





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