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OU on the BBC: History Mysteries - Programme summaries

Updated Wednesday, 18th January 2006

Throughout the series an array of historical mysteries are unearthed and our team of sleuths provide the evidence, to prove or disprove theories and legends. Find out more in our programme summaries:

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The secrets of the smugglers' tunnels 
Tunnels in Wales, a smugglers' inn and a manor house. What's the connection? Find out more in the secrets of the smugglers' tunnels.

The post mistress who was a spy
A post mistress, rumours that she's a spy and a training site for a possible invasion of German soldiers. Did a grey-haired grandmother have a more colourful past that is only now coming to light? Read more in the post mistress who was a spy?

The town of black silk
Weaving silk threads leads to the rich tapestry of a family tree, but the discovery of an unknown family causes the tree to branch off ...but to where? Find out in the town of black silk.

The tower, the Queen and the outlaws
A ruined tower, visits from Mary, Queen of Scots and her lover Boswell. What secrets do the ruins hold? Read more in the tower, the Queen and the outlaws.

Puzzle at the palace
Llewellyn, the last Welsh prince and a possible former 13th century palace, are they connected? Will the history books need to be re-written? Find out more in puzzle at the palace.

Murder at Berkeley Castle 
The death of a jester, a minstrels' gallery and a missing coroner's report. Can the truth be told after 300 years in murder at Berkeley Castle?

The hunt for the lost railway 
A missing great-grandfather and a life on the railways. Follow Barrie Lamb's quest to find his heritage in the hunt for the lost railway.

The man with two tombs 
One man, two tombs, one mayor and one priest. How did one man become two? Find out how our team unravel the mystery of the man with two tombs.

First broadcast: Monday 23 Jan 2006 on BBC TWO





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