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Journeys In Thought - Wittgenstein In Ireland

Updated Monday 24th October 2005

In the spring of 1948, Ludwig Wittgenstein abandoned his post as Chair of Philosophy at Trinity College Cambridge in search of solitude and simplicity.

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He was determined to finish the Philosophical Investigations - the work which would be his masterpiece and which would dominate the philosophical landscape of the twentieth century. In the first of a new series exploring turning points in the lives of great thinkers, Jonathan Rée travels to the west of Ireland in Wittgenstein's footsteps.

It was in Rosroe in Connemara that he hoped he would be able to bring the Philosophical Investigations to a conclusion. But it was not to be.

Jonathan explores Wittgenstein's life and theories with a range of experts, including Philippa Foot, Oswald Hanfling, Jonathan Miller, Ray Monk, Richard Murphy, Michael Nedo, Paul O'Grady, Frederic Raphael and Sir John Vinelott.

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