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Lenny's Britain - Something For The Weekend

Updated Tuesday, 5th June 2007

Whether it's a day at the seaside, DIY, gardening, having a drink or going out on the town, we Brits like to have a laugh in our leisure time. So what do we get up to in our time off? How has our leisure time changed? And do we share a sense of humour?

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Lenny Henry heads to Blackpool – once one of the country's most popular holiday destinations, and the place where he started his career. Nowadays, though, it's offering a very different form of entertainment. He experiences family fun on the piers, has a go at ballroom dancing, and talks to hotel landladies to find out what makes Blackpool tick - and discovers that, more often than not, it's sex!

Blackpool has always had a saucy postcard image with slap and tickle humour. And it's no different today. Lenny spends time with a hen party and goes to a drag show. But he only finds out just how raunchy the town gets when he speaks to Ruth, a chambermaid who has seen it all and is not afraid to tell it as it is - in the brassiest way imaginable. After Ruth lifts the lid, you'll never view hotel rooms in quite the same way!

This is also a personal story. Lenny heads back to the Midlands to catch up with some school friends, to reminisce about their teenage years, and, as they used to, go to the football together. At the age of 16, Lenny was forced to grow up quickly after he became a national star, working the entertainment circuit and even appearing with the Black And White Minstrels. Returning to Blackpool, he wonders what has happened to that variety tradition and questions how much television has contributed to its downfall.

Join Lenny for this bawdy romp through a traditional but now unfashionable resort as he discovers something fascinating about our national penchant for dirty humour and the changing nature of our leisure industries.


First broadcast: Tuesday 12 Jun 2007 on BBC ONE





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