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Nobody's Normal - Programme 5: Who cares?

Updated Tuesday, 5th December 2006

With disabled children living longer, the BBC/OU's Nobody's Normal series investigates the strains placed on carers.

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As people with disabilities live longer, their parents are growing increasingly anxious. They want to know who will look after their adult children when they are gone.

Matt is 30 and has been cared for by his dad and mum all his life. He is severely disabled, all his needs are met by his dad, Ivor, aged 74, alone since the death of his wife, Enid, four years ago.

Ivor wants a dignified degree of care for his son, and has found nothing approaching his very particular standards.

Jackie Steer is 56 and her Mum, Peggy, is 81. Jackie has Down syndrome and has deteriorated physically in the last few years

Peggy is happy with the residential home that Jackie lives in and is part of a group of new, elderly friends who meet regularly to give support and share thoughts about what to do with their elderly children once they are no longer able to care.

Behind the stories
At the current rate of new housing provision, it will take 30 years to meet the needs of people living with parents aged 70 or more.

Reach - Standards in Supported Living provides a clear definition of Supported Living alongside standards and targets for all service providers.

First broadcast: Monday 11 Dec 2006 on BBC ONE





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