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OU on the BBC: One Year On - Can Gerry Robinson fix the NHS? Programme two

Updated Tuesday, 9th January 2007

Two months in, and Sir Gerry is finding the going tough; tensions between the consultants and hospital management are making it difficult for him to get anything done.

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When Gerry discovers a staff shortage in theatre, heis stunned that the situation has gone unresolved for so long, proving to him that there is no day-to-day management happening here. What’s more shocking to him is that some of the nurses had never seen, let alone met, the chief executive before.

The role of the chief executive is thrust even further into the spotlight when a group of consultants tell Gerry how angry they are at how they are managed. Gerry confronts the chief executive, and tells him that if the hospital is to be a real success, he has to stop thinking about the big picture and start getting out on the shop floor.

Explore the inside story behind the second programme in the series with our interviews with both Gerry Robinson and Brian James (Chief Executive), along with perspectives from our panel of experts in management and health care.





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