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OU on the BBC: Romans in Britain - Programme three - 'Hadrian's Wall: The Edge of the Empire'

Updated Tuesday, 1st August 2006

The third programme in the BBC/OU's Romans in Britain series examined Hadrian's Wall.

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The last programme in the series looks at the most famous landmark of Roman Britain, Hadrian’s Wall, asking how and why it was built and what its true purpose was.

Hadrian’s Wall today is still a hive of activity - from archaeologists busy uncovering new evidence about it, historical re-enactors using it as a back drop for their pageants, tourists and school children visiting and exploring the site, through to curators developing exciting reconstructions of how the wall might once have looked.

Guy de la Bédoyère travels the length of the wall, meeting some of these individuals as they go about their business, and explodes some of the many myths that still exist about this spectacular landmark, perhaps the best known legacy of the Roman occupation of Britain.

First broadcast: Friday 4 Dec 1998 on BBC TWO




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