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Rough Science 5 Zanzibar - Episode 6: Beneath the Waves

Updated Wednesday, 9th August 2006

A summary of the Beneath the Waves challenge, part of the fifth BBC/OU TV series Rough Science, based in Zanzibar

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Jonathan and Kathy building a pump Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

This week the four scientists face their toughest challenge yet as they try to build an underwater breathing device for presenter Kate Humble.

It needs to be sophisticated enough for her to have the freedom to explore beneath the waves and survive the pressure of the ocean above her. But they only have access to the simplest tools and materials and Kate has to put her absolute trust in the team to get their Rough Science right.

The team have only three days in their beach-side workshop on Zanzibar's west coast to come up with the goods before they put their creation to the ultimate test in the Indian Ocean.

First broadcast: Wednesday 16 Feb 2005 on BBC TWO

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