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OU on the BBC: Science Shack - What will we do when the oil runs out?

Updated Friday, 2nd June 2006

North Sea oil will probably run out around 2040 - then what? With no oil derived plastics and no constant source of energy how will Adam maintain the luxurious lifestyle to which he has become accustomed?

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Adam Hart-Davis in the bath Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: The Open University

This week, Adam and the team turn the Shack into a haven of alternative energy and resources. But by the end of the programme Adam intends to be relaxing in an eco-friendly water jet bubbly bath, enjoying hot food and chilled champagne in preparation for his post-oil future retirement.

Adam sets out to use both conventional and more obscure energy sources to achieve his goal, including the wasted effort sweated out in gyms across the country! Will he succeed?

Follow the team's efforts in their diary, or throw your own solar dinner party.

First broadcast: Friday 2 Nov 2001 on BBC TWO





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