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OU on the BBC: Silverville - Episode 4

Updated Friday, 17th July 2009

Keeping fit and keeping pets - just because you're in a retirement village doesn't mean life stops.

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Photographs on a sideboard Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC

Just because you've retired doesn't mean you have to become inactive - Brenda Griffin keeps up her keep-fit regime from her apartment in Silverville.

And why should you cut your ties with your best friends when you move? Jim Walker shares his life at Lovat Fields with Whiskers, his loyal feline companion.

Meet the people

Brenda Griffin

Brenda Griffin Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC

At 92, Brenda puts women half her age to shame: she’s lithe and supple – benefits, she says from hard work, a daily exercise routine, and crumbling gingernuts on her breakfast cereal everyday. Brenda was a dressmaker and brought up her daughter on her own.


Jim Walker

Jim Walker Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC

Jim, who is 88, likes to collect things. Watches, clocks, suitcases and purses fill the apartment he shares with his best friend, Whiskers the cat.

Jim has no children and moved to the village for company after his wife, Daphne, died.

First broadcast: Wednesday 12 Aug 2009 on BBC ONE





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