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OU on the BBC: Silverville - Episode 6

Updated Friday, 17th July 2009

Concluding the stories of life in a retirement village.

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Join us for one last trip to the people living in Silverville: Lovat Fields Retirement Village in Milton Keynes.

For many, the village provides all the support they will ever need. But for some, it can be just a friendly home until they need more help.

Meet the people

Eileen Ager

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Eileen travelled the world with the Guides. She was guider all her life and instrumental in getting Milton Keynes its own guide camp.

Eileen never married and, diagnosed with Alzheimers, she’s lived at Lovat Fields since it opened. But, as her condition deteriorates she may need more care and support than the village can provide.

First broadcast: Wednesday 12 Aug 2009 on BBC ONE





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