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OU on the BBC: Sound of Life - Soundings From The Future

Updated Thursday, 15th July 2004

As the world develops, we've come a long way from the Earth's first music. Aubrey takes soundings from the future in this programme from the BBC/OU series The Sound of Life.

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The Sound of Modern Life: Living on the Heathrow flight path Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Having taken us back to the dawn of time - and the earliest sounds - Aubrey now shuttles us forward in time.

If there is one thing that has transformed the sound of the planet more than any other in the last century, it is the increasing levels of sound created by human technology (from air and road traffic to shipping and underwater geological surveys). In this programme, Aubrey explores the consequences of this increasing level of “noise pollution” on animal communication, and examines whether man-made noise is drowning out the natural song of the earth

In the next programme, Aubrey brings together all that he's discovered for an extraordinary radio event - a chance to listen to a day in the life of our world.

First broadcast: Monday 26 Jul 2004 on BBC Radio 4





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