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OU on the BBC: The Climate Connection

Updated Thursday, 10th December 2009

Exploring potential ‘solutions’ to some of the issues being discussed in the 2009 climate change debate

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The Climate Connection is a series of five programmes on BBC World Service produced in partnership with The Open University.

Each of the five programmes follows one person from a different part of the world as they explore a topic, which they believe offers potential ‘solutions’ to some of the issues being debated in the public domain. Meeting a range of experts, they find out if their ideas stand up to professional scrutiny. The topics range from issues around over-population and the mass-produced meat industry, to attitudes towards travel and tourism.

We’ll be making The Climate Connection programmes available on the new Creative Climate website, which will be documenting individual stories throughout the next decade. Creative Climate will create a global diary of environmental issues and offer learning resources ­– free, online and globally. It’s set to be a groundbreaking record of how societies learn about, respond to, and learn to live with, global environmental change.

By engaging with these issues with a fresh tone that emphasises curiosity, ingenuity and creativity rather than crisis and fear, the project promises not just to track change but also to unlock new ideas and energies. Join the global diary of the decade.





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