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OU on the BBC: Timewatch - The Boxer Rebellion

Updated Tuesday, 30th September 2008

The Boxer Rebellion might only be dimly-remembered, but as Timewatch explained, it was pivotal in world history

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Based on the eyewitness accounts of the entrapped, and drawing on the latest historical research by Western and Chinese historians, this programme illustrates a unique historic episode in which, brought together in war, the Middle Kingdom and the western states wrote world history.

Peking, June 1900: The “Society of Rights and Harmonious Fists”, known by the Europeans as “Boxers,” have entrapped more than 3,000 foreigners and Chinese Christians in the diplomatic quarter. The Boxers want to kill all foreigners and free China from the influence of the 'western devils'. After 55 days of despair, a western relief army brings the siege to an end.

On the 20th of June 1900, fighting breaks out between Western troops and Chinese insurgents supported by imperial forces. The rebels, known as Boxers, want to rid China of Western control and of the hated Christian missionaries. Soon, hundreds of diplomats and their families, as well as thousands of Chinese Christian converts, are under siege in the Western legations, cut off from the outside world. In an unprecedented alliance, the foreign powers, among them the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany, send a relief force to rescue the beleaguered.

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First broadcast: Friday 20 Jan 2006 on BBC TWO





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