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OU on the BBC: What The Industrial Revolution Did For Us - Series Summary

Updated Thursday, 1st December 2005

Discover more about BBC/OU's TV series on 'What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us'

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From boiling a kettle to working in an office, much of the modern world was shaped by the achievements of the Industrial Revolution. In a six-part OU/BBC series on BBC TWO, What The Industrial Revolution Did for Us uncovers the scientific, technological and political changes of the 19th century that have transformed the lives of every man and woman in Britain.

The series, presented by architectural historian Dan Cruickshank, explores the legacy of the Industrial Revolution. From the world's first jigsaw portraying the infant Empire, to Stephenson's Rocket, to the making of modern medicine, urban living and the innovations of war, the series shows how - from 1760 to 1840 - the key ideas, principles and technologies which drive the modern world were developed. Through the stories of men and women who made it happen, the programmes uncover the inventive power, the sweeping vision and the astonishing ingenuity of this heroic and pioneering age.

Programme-by-programme details:

Material World
Working Wonders
On The Move
Modern Medicine
War Machine
City Living

To bring the series to a close Adam Hart-Davies will be hosting a fantastic roadshow at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum. He'll be challenging would-be scientists, inventors, engineers and model-makers to recreate working models of machines that helped to drive the Industrial Revolution. Find out more about the Roadshow

What The Industrial Revolution Did For Us in more depth:





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