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What The Industrial Revolution Did For Us - Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

Updated Thursday 1st December 2005

Narrated by Robert Lindsay, Seven Wonders Of The Industrial World recreates the epic monuments of the Industrial Revolution from Brunel’s extraordinary ship, the Great Eastern - the Titanic of its day - that helped to bridge the two ends of the empire, to the Panama Canal, which linked the Atlantic and Pacific oceans half a century later.

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The seven wonders featured are: the SS Great Eastern, the Transcontinental Railway, the London Sewers, the Bell Rock Lighthouse, Brooklyn Bridge, the Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam.

The series encounters the most brilliant pioneers of the industrial age and recreates their stories of burning ambition, extravagant dreams, passion and rivalry. Meticulous research of the original source materials, from private letters to newspaper reports of the day, reveal a wealth of fascinating facts, brought to life by leading actors including Steven Berkoff, Mark McGann and Ron Cook.

Visit for more information on the Seven Wonders series, including programme summaries, quizzes, and fascinating background articles on the pioneering personalities behind this unique historical period.

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