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Power to the (young) people

Updated Tuesday 10th May 2011

For Constanza Gómez-Mont, environmental awareness was a family affair. As cofounder of PIDES, a youth development and sustainable development NGO based in Mexico City, she talks about her latest projects

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Constanza Gómez-Mont

My name is Constanza Gómez-Mont, I am the co-founder of the Integral Platform of Sustainable Development in Mexico City

My interest in environmental issues was triggered by my family.  My father is a person that is passionate about sustainable development, so when I was little he introduced me to this world. 

We anticipate working in the next year in an international youth platform where we bring together youth-led projects and sustainable development and present them in the international conference in 2012 Rio de Janeiro, and then in five years we want to continue to grow this network of youth-led projects and to see how we can bring finance to different parts of the world for these projects. 

We believe in youth empowerment and we believe that youth is a motor of change.  All of this, if someone has the passion, the interest and the time to do something about the environment is youth, and if we start at this age it will be an easier future for us all. 

I am definitely an optimist when I think about 2020 because I believe we have all the tools and all the scientific knowledge necessary to tackle climate change and other environmental issues and I am sure we will get to that to 2020 knowing how to solve all of these issues.







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