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Project for Awesome

Updated Friday 17th December 2010

The Open University is the only university to be chosen worldwide to take part in YouTube’s Project for Awesome 2010 - an initiative to promote international charities addressing global challenges

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The OU has created two films within the theme of ‘Innovation in Education’. The first highlights the global challenges of health and education, the second showcases the OU’s work to address these issues. The videos can be seen here on YouTube.

Members of the public will be encouraged to view the videos to push the clips to the front page of YouTube, which will increase exposure of the featured charities. For more information and to see the videos as they go up, visit and look out for The Open University videos from midnight (Saturday 18 December). Also check out the Project for Awesome website.

In the meantime, to discover more about innovation in education, explore these OpenLearn articles below then discover how to take your learning further.





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