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Buzan on speed reading

Updated Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Tony Buzan shares his tips on speed reading - can you skim and still feel well read?

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Speed reading

Tony’s premise is that we are all capable of reading more quickly. The problem is that we haven’t been taught how. If we hold a book at the correct distance away, Tony explains that our eyes are quite capable of taking in a group of words at a single glance. We can thus read phrase by phrase and not word by word.

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Contrary to what you might think, reading several words at time does not lead to a drop in comprehension. A single word isolated taken out of context is not as meaningful as a phrase of four or five words. As in the following example:

"The hairy red dog, ran along the muddy path for almost a hundred metres. Its coat was soon covered in a layer of filth"

Instead of reading:

"The — hairy — red — dog — ran — along — the — muddy — path..."

You should read:

"The hairy red dog — ran along the muddy path — for almost a hundred metres..."

The other point to note is that if you use a guide when you are reading, something like a pencil or a letter opener, the eye will find it much easier to follow the text. With practice, Tony reckons it's possible to increase reading speed by a factor of five or more.

Take it further

Tony has published a large number of books, including Use your Head Use Your Memory, The Speedreading Book, The Mind Map Book and Master Your Memory.

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