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Updated Friday, 8th September 2006

Ever Wondered About Food takes a look at rice

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Caramel Rice Pudding With Spiced Apples Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

350 million people eat rice every day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The story of rice charts our own history – from pre-historic caves, to the ‘caviar’ of the Middle Ages and the race struggles of the New World. With over 100,000 varieties of rice, and almost as many ways to cook it, making the perfect rice is a real skill.

In this episode Paul guides us through the perfect paella, a scrumptious caramel rice pudding and a delicious tip for leftover rice. Ever Wondered About Food also looks at how technological innovation has made rice the ultimate convenience food and why it’s become the latest celebrity ‘must have’ diet food.


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Hungry for more? Paul and David Shuker (Open University chemistry expert) talk about rice in our exclusive podcast.





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