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Roeland Vos on letting your staff be heard

Updated Thursday, 17th March 2011
"We have 'black belts' who help bubble-up ideas"

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Roeland Vos:

And there is many different ways that we could think of, from an organisational point of view we have been a company that has been using Six Sigma as a tool for very many years and it is completely ingrained in everything that we do.  We have master black belts, if that word rings a bell.


Can you just explain that?

Roeland Vos

Yeah, those are experts in process improvement that would help the individual hotels bubble up ideas, and them making sure that we drive that as a process improvement rather than just a one off idea, which then allows us in a later stage to take the learnings of one hotel and export that out as a best practice to many of our other hotels.  So in that sense we tap into the knowledge base of the people actually who are the most important ones, that are facing the customers on a day to day basis or in the back of the house, and that gives us great results.  Another way for us to tap into some of the experience and the knowledge that sits out in the hotels beside just visiting them and spending time with them is that once a year we have what we call a round table meeting, and that is where we get the leaders of the hotels, which is the full executive committee, together with the senior leadership of the division, and there we talk about the KPIs and the indices that are important to run a hotel.  And the interesting part here is not so much that you have a dashboard which would be the, call it the single source of the truth, that is not just focusing on financials but is focused much more around guest satisfaction indexes and market performances, employee satisfaction indexes, so the non-direct financial indicators of how well are the hotels doing, how well are the brands doing, and at that point in time you cut out all the different layers, so in actual fact between the hotel and the senior leadership of the division there is a direct communication based on what is on the dashboard.  And that provides us with an incredible amount of information directly out of the hotels.



How can you make sure you hear your staff's ideas?


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