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Roeland Vos on protecting business against risk

Updated Thursday, 17th March 2011
"You cannot prepare for every eventuality, but..."

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Roeland Vos, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
We have within our organisation a large group of people who are involved in preparing for these type of scenarios, but at the end of the day it always comes back on training the local teams to make sure that in case whatever were to happen that they know how to react.  And it’s nearly impossible to prepare for the kind of things that you have seen happening in Japan, to see what’s happening, the awful things that are happening there right now.  But what you can prepare for is that people know how to communicate, that they know what the priorities were to be, even though all these things are unforeseeable and that’s why it’s risk management.  To get the teams in place, to make sure that you have your communications in place, to know what different levels have as responsibilities, and what happens if certain communication schemes break down.

So I think that you cannot prepare for every individuality that would be out there, but being a global company with more than a thousand hotels in more than a hundred different countries, it is our role to make sure that we do our utmost best to make sure that those teams are fully trained and rehearsed on these type of disaster scenarios.  And that’s what we do very diligently.

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