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The beauty of Mother Nature

Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2011

Conservationist and film producer Elsie Kariuki makes films with a conservationist message. She believes people should not take nature for granted and hopes to get her films to the rural audiences in Kenya - the ones who will be hit the hardest by climate change

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Elsie Kariuki
My name is Elsie Kariuki, and I am a conservationist but also a film maker.  I have a bias towards making films that have conservation messages that cover issues related to conservation of the environment and natural resources.

What inspires me the most is just the beauty and diversity of nature really.  I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit and just see what, how diverse, how beautiful, how extensive Mother Nature can be.  A lot of people do not get that opportunity and for me when I see those resources, when I look at rivers, when I look at mountains, when I look at just things that people take for granted, forests, I think Why don’t people see that these things are important, why don’t they realise that if we do nothing about it we will soon have nothing to look at, nothing to depend on for our lives.  I’m concerned about getting more films with green messages to audiences in Kenya, in particular to audiences in rural Kenya, places where they don’t easily get information that is related to the environment, yet these are the same people who bear the brunt of environmental issues most harshly. 

A lot of the people involved in the industry are more concerned with wildlife films and most of the wildlife films that are made in Kenya are not even made for Kenyan audiences.  In the next one year I hope to provide a platform to ensure that there are more green films distributed to audiences in rural Kenya.  The idea is to partner with people who are already making films that have an environmentally conscious message. 

I think I’m very optimistic about where we will be in 2020.  As young people growing up in Kenya, we did not really have the benefit of watching television shows and films that were related to environmental issues.  A lot of young people in Kenya feel disconnected from the environment, they feel like it doesn’t really affect them, but I think in 10 years’ time if we start educating them from now, if we start taking out films to young children in schools then we help them grow up knowing that the environment is important, we’ll probably have a more environmentally conscious Kenya.








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