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Tim Berners-Lee on... net neutrality

Updated Tuesday, 8th February 2011

For the internet to work in everybody's interests, it shouldn't be allowed to favour anyone's interests.

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Tim Berners-Lee at Campus Party Creative commons image Icon Camila under CC-BY-SA licence under Creative-Commons license
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Tim Berners-Lee

I think it’s really whether, it’s whether companies and government can use the fact that they actually run the network service to control what you can see, control what you buy, control what you believe, control what religious sites you get to and so on, control what political sites you get to, and not to mention spying on what you're doing.  There are constant battles, and until in each country we get a well established tradition of net neutrality there will always be companies trying to pull a fast one and influence people or prevent them getting to their competitors’ websites and so on.  So we have to be totally, always - constant vigilance, as the man said, to make sure that it doesn’t happen on our watch and on our plot.



Tim Berners-Lee on...

Digital Planet goes to the Campus Party Brasil 2011






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