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Tim Berners-Lee on... why open data is important

Updated Tuesday, 8th February 2011

At the moment, the opening of data might seem like a nice gesture. Tim Berners-Lee explains why it's much more significant than that.

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Tim Berners-Lee

There’s lots of different sorts of open data.  The value data has, whether you're making an application, whether you're somebody trying to figure out who to vote for, you're somebody who’s trying to figure out whether you’ve got a disease, whether you're a journalist or you're working in a government, the value of having data available to you is huge.  Also the value for industry actually is huge.  If you’ve got a business there’s all kinds of stuff, data that you actually rely on, and there are lots of businesses which would be more efficient if they had access to data which currently exists but it’s hidden behind maybe a website that doesn’t really let you get at the data properly.  So getting people to put the data on the web so that it can be repurposed is very important.



Tim Berners-Lee on...

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