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Author: Justin King
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What does Sainsbury's mean as a brand?

Updated Monday, 6th December 2010
What values does Sainsbury's see at the heart of its brand? Chief Executive Justin King explains the proposition.

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Well, Sainsbury’s, first and foremost, is about universal appeal. We want to be able to offer the shopping that any customer wants to do regardless of their household budget.

But how we make Sainsbury’s different from our major competitors is that we are much more focused on choice, on quality, on health and on environmental issues than our major grocery competitors. And these are all things that our customers tell us that they value highly.

And in some instances they’re prepared to pay more for that. If we put British sourced chicken, which comes from high-husbandry chickens which are not housed in cages but free to run, then that’s something that consumers are prepared for, and you’re much more likely to find that choice in Sainsbury’s than in our grocery supermarket.

So we deliver value for money in a different way than do our other major grocery competitors. We deliver fantastic prices and promotions on brands because in the end they’re the same brands that they can buy in any other supermarkets. But on the 50% of what we sell at Sainsbury’s own label, we differentiate that through higher quality in all of its dimensions.

Justin King on the Sainsbury's brand


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