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Why do some brands endure while others fade away?

Updated Tuesday, 16th November 2010

Danone's Bernard Hours explains how some brands have a long shelf life, while others fall by the wayside.

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I think that it’s just a question of struggle for life. It’s like evolution. It’s like, 65 million years ago you’ve got dinosaurs and now, you get some human beings. So some of these brands we’re able to evaluate. Some of these brands we’re able to understand what changed and some others we’re not able to understand.

So it’s a question of permanent adaptation to a changing environment. For instance, today, TV advertising doesn’t have exactly the same effect as it had ten years ago and the internet is growing so you have to adapt to that. Sometimes you see some important trends like, I don’t know, sustainability which some brands are able to understand and anticipate and some others are not.

It’s a question of improving the quality of the product. It’s a never ending story because you get copies. You get private labels or you get distributors’ own brands or you get competitors with sometimes lower prices. So if you are not able to get value from your brands, improve the quality and adapt your costs, of course, one day you will be dead.

So it’s also a very good motivation to try to get better every day and I think that marketeers get to work all the time inventing the future and being a moving target.

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