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William Chase on breaking through with brands

Updated Thursday, 21st October 2010
William Chase has some experience of establishing a new player in a market dominated by big players...

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William Chase:

I think to start a new business against a dominated business, if you're going to say take Tyrells when I set that up, that was against a very large, we won't mention them but some very large crisp manufacturers, and so obviously the national reaction from a lot of people was well you can't take on the big guys.  But yes you can take on the big guys if you’ve got a USP, if you’ve got something different.  And the trouble with big companies, they try to connect but they don’t, whereas small companies you can be what you want to do, you can appear as you want to.  So it’s the honesty, and I think from setting up something that does actually have a massive USP then it will work.  If you haven’t got a USP and you're just paying a design company to do everything for you it’ll never work, but if you have a heart and have a soul to it - because I believe brands or businesses are just like human beings, if you look at them, if you like them and if they’ve got character, the more you talk to them the more you get from them.  So that’s exactly how the way small businesses, and small businesses can change direction as well, like a speedboat compared with an oil tanker.




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