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OU on the BBC: Castles in the Sky

Updated Thursday, 28th August 2014

Embrace a remarkable human drama behind the invention that was to prove pivotal in the Battle of Britain - radar.

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About the drama

Castles in the Sky is the previously untold story of the fight to invent Radar by Scotsman Robert Watson Watt (Eddie Izzard) and a team of unproven and unknown British scientists.

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The factual drama conveys the genuine human drama - of determination and genius versus establishment prejudice - behind the invention which was to prove decisive in the Battle of Britain.

Watson Watt’s ambition was initially dismissed by the Oxbridge-dominated establishment including Winston Churchill as “Castles in the Sky” while he and his fellow scientists, who were his meteorologist colleagues, were disregarded as a bunch of “weather men” from provincial universities. Yet they continued to strive to achieve their dreams against all odds, to the detriment of their personal lives and at the cost of some of their marriages.

Behind the scenes

Watch Castles in the Sky

Watch this fascinating drama on BBC Two on Thursday 4 September at 21:00. More information about this drama and a link to catch up later on iPlayer will be available from the BBC website.





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