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Explore learning with The Open University at CIPD Learning And Development Show 2016

Updated Friday, 22nd April 2016

For nearly half a century, The Open University has been developing distance learning. Here’s just a taste of what we have to offer …

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Free learning for you and your staff - there's over 800 free courses...

Here's just a sample. You can study them when and how you choose:

Track your learning, earn a badge...

We've just introduced new "badged" courses which track your learning and, when you complete the course and quizzes, issues a certificate to demonstrate your achievements:

Make learning fun...

High quality learning - but with a twist.

Only got a minute? Learn something new...

Join us for a sixty second adventure. Or maybe a couple, if you've another minute to spare.

Settle down and enjoy a podcast...

Video and audio features exploring everything from management to moons. Watch online, or download to your phone or device.

Although these examples have been picked to showcase some of the best free learning The Open University has to offer as part of CIPD Learning And Development Show 2016, because they're online you can enjoy them anywhere, any time (alright, anywhere with an internet connection...) - vist to bring up this menu.

It's also worth remembering that OpenLearn content  is designed to be reused under Creative Commons licences - that is, if you're not using it for commercial purposes and you credit us, you can use it in your own learning products. (There's some material which we have to be more restrictive about, because it's not ours to share, but we try to limit that as far as we can.)





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