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1.1.4 Simple arithmetic operations

To perform a simple arithmetic calculation:

  1. Enter the first number in the calculation (for example '123') using one of the following methods:

    • Using your computer keyboard's numeric keypad, which (if you have one) is on the right of your computer keyboard. Check to see whether the Num Lock indicator light is on and if it is not press the NUM LOCK key.

    • Using your computer keyboard's numeric keys, which are immediately above the letters on your keyboard.

    • Clicking on the numbers on the on-screen calculator keypad.

  2. Click / to divide, * to multiply, − to subtract or + to add, or enter these symbols from your computer keyboard. Note that you won't see the symbol on the calculator's display area.

  3. Enter the next number in the calculation. For example, enter '3'.

  4. Click '=' or enter the '=' symbol from your computer keyboard.

  5. The answer to your calculation is displayed in the calculator's window. For the example '123 / 3 =' the answer displayed should be 41.