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Available now: Becoming an ethical researcher

Updated Tuesday, 15th September 2020

A new badged course linked to the Masters in Education, Childhood and Youth

A photo of a group of people working together on a table with a chalkboard surface. There are drawings of puzzle pieces and the word 'plan' has been written.

This free course explores the ethics of planning, carrying out and reporting research which involves human participants. It will sensitise you to issues that a researcher should consider to support ethical and well-justified decision-making. A wide variety of research scenarios are used to stimulate individual reflection and discussion.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • anticipate ethical issues in research with humans which need a researcher’s attention
  • think through options available to a researcher from an ethical perspective
  • offer an ethical rationale for decisions made as a researcher
  • feel confident in dealing with unanticipated issues as they arise during research
  • act ethically when planning, conducting and reporting research with humans.

This course was written by Alison Fox, Deborah Cooper and Clare Lee, with welcome contributions and feedback from Gill Clifton, Claire Hewson, John Oates and Simon Rea.

You can find the course here: Becoming an ethical researcher.



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