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Coming soon! Children and young people: food and food marketing

Updated Wednesday 9th January 2019

Interested in the fascinating topic of how food marketing affects children and young people? Then this free course is for you.

This free course, Children and young people: food and food marketing, will explore children’s food, eating and health in the context of their rights. It will ask what are the factors that influence the foods that children eat – children’s or parents’ choices, family or cultural influences, or the foods available in the wider eating environment? It will consider how policies frame obesity, and what effects strategies such as sugar taxes and marketing restrictions can have. Are food choices the responsibility of each individual? What role do food systems and environments including food marketing play in our choices? With animations, interactive videos, short excerpts and quizzes, learn about the issues and how we can better understand ways to create healthier worlds for children and young people.

Watch the following video which gives a taster of the contents of the course.


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