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OpenLearn Live: Christmas Special 2017

Updated Thursday 21st December 2017

As regular a part of Christmas as discovering someone's scoffed the purple Quality Street already - but hopefully without the disappointment - here's a festive collection to tide you over until the New Year...

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Christmas at war

In the run-up to Christmas (strictly speaking, in the run-up to the weekend) we're looking each day at a contemporary account of Christmas in the shadow of a conflict:

Last Christmas: The Christmas readers

We marked the run up to the 2016 festive period with a special collection of holiday-themed insight. Here's a reminder:

The pick of 2017

Just a quick taste of the hundreds of articles and apps we've brought you during the year:

Fit in a course before New Year

Did you make a resolution last January to study one of our free courses? Did you keep it? Don't worry - there's still time. Why not try one of these courses, all of which are less than three hours long:





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