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The impact of learning design

Updated Thursday, 30th July 2020

Making educational development and technology integration more efficient and sustainable by means of an EdD on learning design.


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Masters degree in Education

This flexible masters degree is suitable for education professionals who wish to acquire qualities and transferable skills that are highly prized by employers. You'll have the choice of four specialist routes ? learning and teaching; leadership and management; inclusive practice; and applied linguistics. You'll also have the option to change your specialism after Stage 1, giving you the opportunity to study two specialisms within one qualification. Your final dissertation module (with the exception of the applied linguistics route) gives you the choice of a small-scale inquiry on a topic of your choice, or you can opt to complete an extended literature review and research proposal relevant to your own educational professional interests and practice.

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Health, Sports & Psychology 

MA in Childhood and Youth

This postgraduate degree offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of childhood and youth ? covering aspects of theory, policy and practice. It is ideal if you are a graduate professional working with children and young people and seek to advance academically and professionally. It's also suitable if you're not currently working with children and young people but are looking to move into the profession. The degree deepens understanding and develops practice through a wide range of case studies within a global context that link theory to practice. These include education, the family, the law, children's rights, politicised childhoods, participation and voice, consumerist childhoods, ethnicity, religion, child criminology, child sexuality, and multi-cultural childhoods. It also offers you flexibility within the final dissertation module, where you'll choose between a small-scale inquiry or an extended literature review and research proposal. It will be of particular interest if you have completed an undergraduate degree in Childhood and Youth Studies, Early Years or Early Childhood, Education Studies (Primary) or Health and Social Care.

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MA in Social Work

This course will enhance your knowledge of social work theory and legislation, apply your learning to practice, and develop your critical and analytical skills as a qualified practitioner. The subject matter is interdisciplinary, derived from psychology, sociology, social policy, law and social work studies. It includes an embedded, professionally qualifying Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, which has been approved as a qualifying award for social workers in England by Social Work England (SWE) and in Scotland by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

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MA in Translation

This qualification is an exciting opportunity to develop your skills as a translator, equipping you to work in the fast-growing translation-services industry. You'll experiment with different genres through practical, inspiring translation activities, and hone your practice through peer review. You'll gain hands-on experience of using tools necessary to operate in this rapidly evolving area (e.g. audiovisual translation or cloud-based translation tools). You'll underpin your work with an understanding of translations theories and debates. You can study French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese ? in combination with English.

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