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Key skill assessment unit: working with others
Key skill assessment unit: working with others

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7.2 Developing a strategy

Present notes/records that show you have planned your use of skills to work with others. Your evidence must include:

  • the goals you hope to achieve over 3–4 months or so; you should indicate how these goals relate to the context in which you are working and to your current capabilities;

  • notes/records about the resources you might use and what information you need to support you in developing your skills and completing the work; for example, discussions and econferences, online resources, manuals, specialist resources, skills books, course materials, workshops, specific help and feedback comments;

  • a plan of action you have developed with others that includes notes on:

    • what you did to set up responsibilities and working arrangements, including what you did to identify the expertise and experience needed for different roles;

    • the opportunities you can use for working with others over three months or so;

    • a statement of the standard required, including how this was determined, and the methods you might use to achieve the standard of the work;

    • a schedule indicating deadlines and review points.

Be prepared to revise and update your strategy as your work develops. Think of it as a living document; you are likely to make many changes and adjustments to it while you are working on the course. Keep a record of your revisions and notes about why you made changes.

You could perhaps discuss your strategy with a study advisor and receive feedback. You could use this feedback to help you assess your progress as your work develops.